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Journal articles

  • Luís Moniz Pereira, Implementing Rational Features for Agents in Logic Programming, Computational Logic Newsletter, Vol. 5, Pag. 11-13, December 2003.
  • Luís Moniz Pereira, REWERSE - Reasoning on the Web with Rules and Semantics, Computational Logic Newsletter, Vol. 5, Pag. 8-9, December 2003.
  • E. Lamma, Luís Moniz Pereira and F. Riguzzi, Belief Revision via Lamarckian Evolution, New Generation Computing, Vol. 21, No. 3, Pag. 247-275, August 2003.
  • Luís Moniz Pereira and , Cooperation of Universidade Nova de Lisboa and Technische Universität at Dresden in the field of Computational Logic, Computational Logic Newsletter, Vol. 3, Pag. 26, March 2003.
  • G. Guimaraes, Vitor Sousa Lobo and Fernando Moura Pires, A taxonomy of Self-organizing Maps for temporal sequence processing, Intelligent Data Analysis, Vol. 7, Pag. 269-290, 2003.
  • Francisco Azevedo, Constraint solving over multi-valued logics - application to digital circuits, Thesis Abstract in AI Communications, Vol. 16, Pag. 125-127, 2003.
  • Reinhard Kahle and Thomas Studer, Least fixed points in applicative theories, Bulletin of Symbolic Logic, Vol. 9, No. 1, Pag. 94, Abstract for the Logic Colloquium 2002, 2003.
  • Susana Nascimento, B. Mirkin and Fernando Moura Pires, Modeling Proportional Membership in Fuzzy Clustering, IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy Systems- Fuzzy Systems in Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining, Vol. 11, No. 2, Pag. 173-186, (url), 2003.
  • P. Amaral and Pedro Barahona, Optimal Correction of Inconsitent Linear Constraints, Constraints, 2003.
  • Reinhard Kahle, Universes over Frege structures, Annals of Pure and Applied Logic, Vol. 119, No. 1-3, Pag. 191-223, 2003.

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